Tree Trimming & Limbing

Improve your property's safety with professional tree-trimming services.


Tree Limbing Services in Enumclaw, WA

Some trees can live long, healthy lives without any intervention or upkeep. But many Enumclaw homeowners and business owners are surprised to learn that most trees require occasional maintenance to stay healthy, strong, and safe.

Tree-trimming and limbing are two tree care services that can revive dying or unhealthy trees. This process can remove dead limbs from otherwise healthy trees, give trees better access to sunlight and resources, and eliminate branches that pose a hazard to your property.

Attempting to prune branches yourself can put your property and the tree at risk. Let our tree care professionals put our tree-trimming expertise and industry-leading equipment to work to revive your trees safely.

Why Do Tree Limbs Die?

Tree limbs can become unhealthy and die for numerous reasons. If a tree does not receive the proper water and sunlight, it may not have enough nutrients to support all of its limbs. Storms and high winds can damage tree branches, cutting them off from the trunk and roots. Additionally, pests can infest trees, causing them to self-thin to preserve healthier branches.

At White River Tree Service, we make the tree-trimming process hassle-free for Enumclaw residents. Our crew has extensive experience identifying unhealthy branches and providing life-saving trim and limb measures to restore trees to help them continue thriving.


Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Enumclaw homeowners and business owners schedule tree trimming services for various reasons. If you want to achieve any of the following goals, trimming tree limbs may be the ideal solution:


Enhance the tree's natural shape


Encourage fruit and flower production on flowering trees 


Eliminate disease and decay


Remove branches that hang over the building


Help trees fit in with landscaping


Allow more sunlight to reach the tree


Encourage new growth


Thin the tree canopy 


3 Steps to Healthy, Safe Trees

  • Step 1: Quotes & Inspection

    We'll inspect your trees, determine whether tree trimming will meet your goals, and provide a free estimate for our services.

  • Step 2: Expert Tree Limb Removal

    We'll use chainsaws and other heavy-duty equipment to remove only the necessary limbs from your tree, allowing more nutrients to reach the limbs for healthy tree growth.

  • Step 3: Debris Clean-Up

    We'll clear away any fallen branches, limbs, sticks, leaves, and other debris from the trimmed tree and make sure you're satisfied before leaving your property.

Types of Tree Trimming

Our crew uses different tree-trimming methods depending on the tree's needs and the property owner's goals. For instance, corrective pruning is the process of removing limbs early in a tree's life to encourage a main-stem leader. Dead wooding is the method of removing dead, dying, or broken limbs from the tree.

We may also use clearance pruning to remove any hazardous branches, such as limbs that hang over or touch the side of your house or business. You can trust our team to apply the industry's best methods tailored to your unique tree goals.


Happy Clients

Jake B.
Jake B.

Mike came and took down three trees as well as stump grinded for me to clear out room for my new workshop. I appreciated the professionalism and honesty of Mike and his crew, Mike gave me a better price and a better job than anyone else would of.

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

I had an ugly rotten tree stump in my front yard and Mike came out acted very professionally and immediately got to work I'm very happy with the good job he did and will definitely be calling him for any future tree needs.

Mason B.
Mason B.

Mike was very hard working and very fast paced they were in and out. I wanted a tree limbed up to let more sunlight into my yard and they did it exactly how they said they would. Thank you Mike!

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