Professional Tree Removal

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Tree Removal in Enumclaw, WA

Trees are excellent additions to any residential or business property, offering shade and lush, green curb appeal. But when trees no longer suit your needs or become unhealthy, an expert tree removal service may be in order. 

We have specialized training in tree removal that allows us to remove limbs, branches, and trunks without threatening nearby landscaping or structures. Attempting to cut down a tree yourself could put your safety at risk, so give us a call for hassle-free tree removal!

Rely on our experienced, friendly tree removal crew to remove any trace of your trees while keeping safety as a top priority. We'll even grind your tree stump, leaving behind a flat, smooth surface. 

Our Tree Removal Process

When you schedule tree removal, we'll evaluate the tree's size, position, and health, then plan the safest, most efficient way to cut it down. This process usually involves clearing space around the tree, cutting the undercut and back cut, and allowing the tree to fall safely in the cleared area.

After your tree removal, we'll clear away debris, grind the stump, and leave your property cleaner than we found it. 


Reasons to Schedule Tree Removal

Are you not sure if you need tree removal, tree limbing, or another service entirely? Our team would be happy to provide expert guidance. You may need a tree removing service if: 


Your trees are diseased or infested with pests.


Your trees have suffered significant storm damage.


You have trees in an unsafe location.


Your trees produce annoying seeds or droppings.


Your trees look unsightly or no longer meet your landscaping goals.


Your trees obstruct the view from your home.


3 Steps to Expert Tree Removal

  • Step 1: Request a Quote

    Whether you want to remove one tree or a dozen, we'll provide a free, transparent estimate to get you started. 

  • Step 2: Schedule Your Service

    Next, we'll work with you to schedule your tree service at a convenient time. If you aren't present during the service, no problem!

  • Step 3: Let Us Remove Your Tree

    You can expect clear communication, on-time arrivals, respect for your property, and friendly customer service throughout your service.

Tree Cutting Service

If your trees are looking worse for the wear, you may not need an entire tree removal. A tree limbing or cutting service may solve your problem while leaving most of the tree intact.

Tree limbing is our process of removing branches from standing or fallen trees. If your tree is dying, limbing can remove the dead branches and bring the rest of the tree back to life. It can also give the tree better access to sunlight, helping to revive it.

You may also opt for tree cutting services if you want to scale down an oversized tree. Our experts will carefully evaluate your trees and determine the right branches to trim to achieve your goals for your yard.


Happy Clients

Will S.
Will S.

Mike and his crew were top notch. They were on time, hard working and informative. I would highly recommend Mike and his crew to anyone looking for tree service at their home.

Mason B.
Mason B.

Mike was very hard working and very fast paced they were in and out. I wanted a tree limbed up to let more sunlight into my yard and they did it exactly how they said they would. Thank you Mike!

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

I had an ugly rotten tree stump in my front yard and Mike came out acted very professionally and immediately got to work I'm very happy with the good job he did and will definitely be calling him for any future tree needs.

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