Stump Grinding and Removal

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Have you paid for tree removal on your residential or business property, only to find that the company left the tree stumps behind? Most tree removal services do not include stump removal. If large stumps are creating an eyesore on your property, you need assistance from our expert stump grinding and removal crew. 

At White River Tree Services, we use the industry's best methods to remove every trace of unsightly tree stumps. Schedule your professional stump grinding service today. 


Stump Grinding vs. Digging

Our two main methods of stump removal include stump grinding and digging. Stump grinding involves breaking up the stump between 6 to 12 inches beneath the surface and shredding it into wood chips. Alternatively, we can dig up the entire stump, providing a complete removal.

Stump digging eliminates the stump entirely, allowing for new growth, but stump grinding is easier on the landscape. Not sure which method is right for your land? We'd be happy to discuss your goals and budget to determine the right stump removal method.

Risks of Leaving Tree Stumps

You might have lived with a left-behind tree stump for many years, but leaving tree stumps long-term can pose several disadvantages to your property, such as the following:

Attract pests, such as ants, termites, bees, wasps, snakes, and even rodents

Spread lingering diseases to other trees

Attract mold and rot over time

Hurt your curb appeal

Create a tripping hazard

Hinder opportunities for new landscaping

Get in the way of lawnmowers and other lawn equipment


3 Steps to Hassle-Free Stump Removal

  • Step 1: Request a Quote

    Call or email our team to request a free, honest quote. We'll come to your property and assess your tree stumps, then give you a detailed cost estimate.

  • Step 2: Schedule Your Removal

    We'll work around your schedule to provide stump grinding and removal services at a time convenient for you. You don't need to be present during your stump removal appointment.

  • Step 3: Enjoy Landscaping Benefits

    Stump removals take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, but we'll work quickly to finish the job. In no time, you'll enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing, hazard-free yard.


Skip the DIY Stump Removal

Many homeowners and business owners attempt DIY tree stump removal, but few succeed. While a small stump may seem easy to remove, it requires equipment, knowledge, and precision that only professionals can provide. 

You may be tempted to use harsh chemicals to burn a tree stump or speed up its natural deterioration, but we advise against these methods. Such chemicals can pose a risk to your family or customers and harm the surrounding wildlife. 

Additionally, if you aren't familiar with heavy-duty stump grinders, you risk injuring yourself in the process. Instead, allow our team to handle your stump grinding and removal with the utmost care, professionalism, and efficiency.

Happy Clients

Jake B.
Jake B.

Mike came and took down three trees as well as stump grinded for me to clear out room for my new workshop. I appreciated the professionalism and honesty of Mike and his crew, Mike gave me a better price and a better job than anyone else would of.

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

I had an ugly rotten tree stump in my front yard and Mike came out acted very professionally and immediately got to work I'm very happy with the good job he did and will definitely be calling him for any future tree needs.

Mason B.
Mason B.

Mike was very hard working and very fast paced they were in and out. I wanted a tree limbed up to let more sunlight into my yard and they did it exactly how they said they would. Thank you Mike!

Reclaim Your Yard With Professional Stump Removal

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