Land Clearing

Prepare your land for new developments or a landscaping transformation.


Professional Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, vegetation, and other natural growth from a property. You might need to schedule land clearing for one of two purposes: to prepare a site for  new building development or to completely transform your existing landscaping. 

Using our professional land clearing services, our expert crew will assess your needs and use large-scale equipment to prepare your land efficiently. You'll be able to start your next project in no time. 

What Does Land Clearing Involve?

Land clearing involves a wide range of tasks to create a blank slate on which to build. During your land clearing, our team will clear brush, vines, tangled weeds, and thick vegetation. We'll remove trees, grind stumps, and spread mulch from fallen trees over the land to prevent new growth. We'll also haul away any waste and debris, leaving a clean landscape ready for construction.

Whatever your land size and shape, we'll provide the efficient services you need.


Why Hire Land Clearing Professionals?

Land clearing may seem like an easy DIY task at a glance. In reality, this job is best left to professionals. Here are just a few reasons to hand your land-clearing job over to our skilled crew:

Save time and keep on schedule

Keep your property and family safe

Benefit from large-scale equipment, such as log trucks and excavators

Prioritize conservation and environmental benefits 

Create a perfectly level building surface

Ensure a neat, professional-looking clearing job 

Meet all city codes and requirements 


3 Steps to Expert Land Clearing

  • Step 1: Request a Quote and Assessment

    Call or email our team to request your free, honest quote and in-person assessment. We'll come to your property at a time that works with your schedule.

  • Step 2: Discuss Your Needs and Goals

    During your assessment, we'll sit down with you to discuss your plan for your property and how we can help you reach your goals.

  • Step 3: Let Us Get to Work

    Finally, you will receive efficient land clearing without lifting a finger. Just sit back and let our dedicated crew do all the heavy lifting.

Land Clearing for Utility Installation

Tree and brush removal is an essential step in preparing land for utilities. Utility lines require right-of-way (ROW) clearance, meaning that tree roots and plant growth must not interfere with the maintenance and performance of these pipelines. Utility companies should have easy access to pipelines when repairs are necessary.

At White River Tree Service, we're well-versed in Enumclaw's city codes and requirements for ROW clearance. We also understand how public utilities work and the necessary space for different types of pipelines.

Whether you're a site manager on a new building development or a homeowner starting a renovation, trust our team to prepare your land for essential utilities.


Happy Clients

Joshua F.
Joshua F.

Mike and team did an amazing job quickly and safely removing a large diseased tree near our house, and then grinding the remaining stump. It's like it was never there. Very professional and honest/forthcoming from initial estimate through final cleanup. Overall a great value and very positive experience. Highly recommended!

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

I had an ugly rotten tree stump in my front yard and Mike came out acted very professionally and immediately got to work I'm very happy with the good job he did and will definitely be calling him for any future tree needs.

Jake B.
Jake B.

Mike came and took down three trees as well as stump grinded for me to clear out room for my new workshop. I appreciated the professionalism and honesty of Mike and his crew, Mike gave me a better price and a better job than anyone else would of.

Clear Your Land and Maintain It Long-Term

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