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For dependable tree removal and care, contact our trusted tree crew in Covington, WA.

Full Range of Tree Care Services in Covington, WA

To preserve both the aesthetic appeal and security of your property, it is essential to have trustworthy tree removal and care. Whether your trees are deteriorating, decaying, or no longer meeting your requirements, our skilled specialists can rejuvenate your environment's beautiful and vibrant ambiance.

White River Tree Service provides a broad range of tree maintenance and care solutions for homeowners and commercial enterprises located in Covington, WA. In addition, we offer land clearing, storm debris clean-up, and stump grinding services to ensure that your property remains tidy and safe.

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Expert Tree Removal located in Covington, WA

At some point, every tree reaches the end of its life cycle. If your tree is displaying symptoms of disease or infestation, appears sickly, or no longer serves its purpose, it may be crucial to have it removed.

At White River Tree Service, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to manage a wide range of tree removal projects here in Covington, WA. Our team will remove any obstructions in the vicinity, perform the undercut and back cut, and take all necessary precautions to ensure the tree falls securely to the ground. Afterward, we will divide the tree into manageable logs and either dispose of them or leave them for firewood.

For complete elimination of deteriorating or dying trees, combine our proficient stump grinding service with our tree removal expertise for a flawless result. Stump grinding is a valuable service that eliminates unappealing tree stumps, prevents regrowth, and eradicates tripping hazards.

Tree Trimming and Limbing Specialists in Covington, WA

Rather than resorting to tree removal, trimming and limbing present alternatives that can eliminate unsound growth and encourage the growth of a tree's healthiest branches. If you are contemplating the use of tree limbing services, there are several reasons to consider them:


Your tree is displaying any signs of rot or decay.


Your home or business is located under tree branches.


Your trees no longer align with your landscaping design.


You want to improve your tree’s exposure to sunlight.


Your tree has become excessively overgrown with unmanageable branches.

We are a reliable and community-oriented tree service operating in Covington, Washington. Our team will evaluate the condition of your trees and suggest suitable services to foster their well-being and cater to your landscaping requirements.

To learn more about our business, visit our "about us" page. For outstanding tree services in Covington, WA, contact us today at (253) 249-6960!

Land Clearing and Storm Debris Removal in Covington, WA

Count on our proficient crew to deliver prompt and effective land clearing services, regardless of whether you require land preparation for new construction projects or removal of debris in the aftermath of a storm.

Our team is equipped with heavy-duty machinery, as well as extensive expertise and a strong work ethic, enabling us to clear land efficiently. You can rely on us to provide exceptional clean-up services.

We provide all-inclusive removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team is proficient in swiftly removing:

  • Trees
  • Damaged branches and limbs
  • Bushes
  • Stumps
  • Fallen branches and sticks
  • Firewood
  • Leaves

After a storm, fallen trees and branches can create hazardous conditions on your property. We provide emergency services to address any dangerous tree damage promptly. Our services are accessible round-the-clock, and we are prepared to clear the area efficiently. In addition, we can work with your insurance company to expidite your storm damage claim. Do not hesitate to contact us for timely and dependable support.

Happy Clients

Joshua F.
Joshua F.

Mike and team did an amazing job quickly and safely removing a large diseased tree near our house, and then grinding the remaining stump. It's like it was never there. Very professional and honest/forthcoming from initial estimate through final cleanup. Overall a great value and very positive experience. Highly recommended!

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.

I had an ugly rotten tree stump in my front yard and Mike came out acted very professionally and immediately got to work I'm very happy with the good job he did and will definitely be calling him for any future tree needs.

Jake B.
Jake B.

Mike came and took down three trees as well as stump grinded for me to clear out room for my new workshop. I appreciated the professionalism and honesty of Mike and his crew, Mike gave me a better price and a better job than anyone else would of.

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